Contact Oldest surviving photograph of the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy (ACPA) rugby team. 1936. ©Alakananda Nag

Photographer | Archivist | Writer

About Book

Armenians of Calcutta is a book of photographs, text and rare archival material on the Armenian community of Calcutta who were the founders of the city as we know it today – a fact not widely known or accepted. The photographer spent a decade on this work – researching, photographing, gathering previously unknown, unseen material, unique to the community and the city they helped build.

The author / photographer worked around the challenge of making this work from absence – of people, information, research material, reconstructing a reality, the memory of which is at best fractured. The book comes together seamlessly with an array of rich material to create a tableau of a very important community with an unparalleled contribution to an iconic city.


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